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Staying Vigilant to Provide You with the Best Service

We’re a powerhouse team with 20+ years experience with reputable healthcare, insurance and financial institutions. Our unique background in social work and business administration means we’ll guide you with sensitivity and compassion, but also respect and straightforwardness.

We have been clients of PrestonSquared for over 5 years. They advised us when we started our Medicare plan after retirement and continue to answer our many questions. We are so pleased that we’ve recommended them to all our friends and family.

Ben is personable, knowledgeable and helped me get set up with a policy that fit my insurance needs. I appreciate that he cheerfully answers my questions and always follows up with me.

For weeks I was confused and overwhelmed by Medicare paperwork to the point of tears. Melissa took the time to explain what I had to do for each. She has made a huge difference by getting me terrific coverage, even with surgeries.

Melissa Preston is my wonderful representative who straightened everything out for me.  I am deeply indebted to her and and her expertise.  She’s the best one I’ve ever had and I truly love her help and guidance.  She deserves the medal of honor!